22 Jan

I met this beautiful couple and their cute pup Maisie few weeks ago and was blessed with taking their picture in one of Pennsylvania parks.  We had so much fun! Pups are always full of energy and they make me laugh but Maisie is one of a kind - she is adorable, happy and lovely little one. 

When taking picture of kids or pets outside you need to be twice concentrated and prepared. I always try to ask parents to take some treats and toys with them and also I make short breaks every 15 minutes so little energizers can have their own time for few minutes. 

I’m so happy to be Family photographer and that on that winter day the weather was so wonderful and let me capture those moments of Maisie’s … childhood. Time flies, our little ones grow so fast and that’s how we can keep these moment forever. Book your session with me today margo.photographer.conshy@gmail.com

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