The precious days to remember...

03 Dec

I’ve met this amazing family last  week and was honored to take pictures of them and especially the pictures of their newborn baby boy. I do not usually take much with me, just my camera, couple of lenses, white clean blanket and few props for babies (headbands and hats). I always try to find how things are going with light at clients home as shooting newborn session only with a natural light is my highest priority. So basically if you have your photo shoot starting at 11:30 am, you have a window:), your baby is full and sleepy - that works perfectly for all of us! And why 11:30 am? From my experience I would say that if you have windows facing east, morning sun goes directly through ii tand makes pretty harsh shadows. After 11:30 am or later it rises up enough to make the light in room soft and perfect.

I love every single moment I spent with this family, I love the light around, I love their smiles and tenderness of those precious moments, how they care about their little one… I wish all the best to this little boy and his parents. Enjoy highlights from their beautiful, light-filled newborn session celebrating baby Sonah!

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